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About Us | Daniella

A wide selection of beautifully handcrafted jewellery is available for immediate purchase online, or let us assist you in creating an exclusive custom design piece of jewellery.

You can purchase your favourite piece of jewellery with confidence, directly from the designer and jeweller avoiding markup and intermediaries.


At Daniella, we pride ourselves in exclusive quality merchandise and uncompromising personalised service, specialising in diamonds and custom design. We are passionate about jewellery and committed to upholding the reputation of our industry. Operating under the highest level of integrity, we recognise that the decision to purchase jewellery is more than the desire for a beautiful piece. Our belief is that to be a reputable jeweller; it is important to build a relationship of trust, by providing full disclosure to assist clients in making an informed choice.

We aspire to be the jeweller of choice. We see ourselves as not merely in the business of making jewellery, but rather our purpose is to deliver happiness. When customers feel happy each time they look at their Daniella piece of jewellery, that is when we gain real satisfaction.

We believe in forming lasting relationships and being your personal jeweller for life. We value sharing the journey with clients in celebrating their special occasions.

Read more about our Purpose, Principles, Values and Commitments and learn about The Daniella Promise.


Daniella, our store

Daniella inside store

In 2005, Daniella chose to expand operations to include a showroom in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia that combines client consultation areas, design, manufacturing and repair facilities. In 2011, Daniella relocated from Chatswood to The Dymocks Building in the Sydney CBD to better service our clients.

We invite you to visit our new showroom to view our selection of beautifully handcrafted jewellery available for immediate purchase, speak to us about a custom designed piece, or chat with us as we clean your jewellery.

You will receive the personal attention of our qualified jewellers, Danielle Ong and Bobby Cao, who enjoy working closely with our clients to instil confidence in their purchase.


Danielle Ong - Jewellery Designer

Danielle Ong: Jewellery Designer

Danielle holds a Bachelor in Design and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diplomas in Diamond and Colour Stone.

From studying fashion and textile design at University Technology Sydney and growing up in the fashion industry, art and fashion have always been her passion. Danielle has a natural eye for style. While fashion can change with the times, Danielle has chosen to apply her creativity towards designing jewellery pieces which are made to last a lifetime. Throughout her 20 years of experience in design, Danielle has developed long-term relationships with retailers and clients around the world to create both jewellery lines and custom pieces.

When it comes to designing, Danielle believes that form follows function. Danielle's philosophy is to design jewellery with the wearer in mind, and not just beautiful impractical pieces of jewellery purely for the sake of being unique or Avante-Garde. The wearer's purpose, lifestyle, practicality are all equally important in the design process. Danielle takes the time to get to know each client to create jewellery that reflects their tastes and requirements, whether it be engagement rings, wedding ring sets, necklaces, bracelets or other items for a special occasion. She recognises the most difficult pieces to design are often those that are simple but with a twist.

Danielle has shown particular interest in creating engagement rings and wedding sets that are distinctive and reflect that special bond shared by the couple.


Bobby Cao – Craftsman & Manufacturing Principal

Bobby Cao: Jeweller

Bobby holds Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifications in Advanced Stone Setting and Diamond Grading.

With over 20 years of experience in international fine jewellery manufacturing, Bobby is a master craftsman. Bobby has a breadth of expertise in the jewellery industry having developed his career in the United States and was a production manager in California before relocating to Sydney, Australia.

Bobby has demonstrated the ability to execute even the most complex designs, and demands of himself and those who work with his dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and precision. You only need to spend a few minutes with Bobby to learn his two unique qualities: a strong passion for jewellery; and he is a real perfectionist.

While any jeweller may be able to source a beautiful diamond or gemstone, it is only the right jeweller that will listen to your requirements and able to create the perfect piece for you. Every piece that Bobby delivers comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our clients always ask if Bobby is happy with the piece of jewellery because they know that he will not deliver anything that is not to his high standard, which is no less than perfect.

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Ring Size Chart

How to determine your ring size?
-  measure current ring that fits properly on the intended finger
      -  using a ruler, measure to the nearest mm of the inside diameter 

14.1 3 44
14.3 F 1/2 45
14.5 3 1/2
14.7 G 1/2 46
14.9 H 4 47
15.1 H 1/2
15.3 4 1/2 48
15.5 I 1/2
15.7 5 59
15.9 J 1/2 50
16.1 K 5 1/2
16.3 K 1/2 51
16.5 6 52
16.7 L 1/2
16.9 M 6 1/2 53
17.1 M 1/2
17.3 N 7 54
17.5 N 1/2 55
17.7 O 7 1/2
17.9 O 1/2 56
18.1 P 8 57
18.3 P 1/2
18.5 Q 8 1/2 58
18.7 Q 1/2
18.9 R 9 59
19.1 R 1/2 60
19.3 S 9 1/2 61
19.5 S 1/2
19.7 T 10 62
19.9 T 1/2 63
20.1 U 10 1/2
20.3 U 1/2 64
20.5 V 11 65
20.7 V 1/2
20.9 W 11 1/2 66
21.1 W 1/2
21.3 X 12 67
21.5 X 1/2
21.7 Y 12 1/2 68
21.9 Y 1/2 69
22.1 Z 13 70