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How to Choose a Diamond

For many people, buying a diamond can be a new and overwhelming experience. A good understanding of the characteristics of a diamond is important to ensure that you make an informed decision. Finding the right diamond for you involves considering some factors including the shape, cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. Some of these factors are a matter of personal preference while others affect the quality and value of the diamond.

It is also important to consider the certification of a diamond. We recommend diamonds certified by the GIA, as its grading system is the most respected in the industry. When you buy a diamond accompanied by a GIA certificate, you can gain greater comfort that your chosen diamond reflects its value.


Diamonds are forever. You want to be sure that the diamond you select is simply perfect for you.

We have an extensive selection of diamonds available which are sourced from our vast network of suppliers, allowing us to offer the best in quality and value. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Purchasing a diamond is one of the most important decisions you have to make. It is important to become educated about diamonds so that you can be in a position to make the best choice. We have included some information below to help you in your search for a diamond.

We recommend taking into account the following factors when choosing a diamond.

1. Shape

The shape of a diamond is its visual form. The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut diamond. For a unique look, many opt for a fancy cut diamond such as princess, emerald or pear shaped. Deciding on the diamond’s shape is often the starting point in searching for your diamond. The diamond shape right for you is a matter of personal preference and will determine the look of your jewellery.

Read more about diamond shapes.

2. The 4Cs

When choosing your diamond, you are likely to hear mention of the “4Cs” - cut, colour, clarity and carat. These characteristics of a diamond determine its beauty, rarity and value. Diamonds which have a combination of higher 4Cs gradings are rarer and thus, higher in value. We recommend a good balance of the 4Cs within a given budget.

Read more about cut, colour, clarity and carat of a diamond.

3. Certification

Your chosen diamond should be certified by an internationally recognised independent laboratory, with a certificate setting out its unique characteristics. We recommend diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Laboratory, the most recognised and highly regarded organisation for grading diamonds.

All certified diamonds purchased from Daniella come with a complimentary certificate from the GIA so you can gain comfort that the price of your diamond reflects its value.

Read more about diamond certification.


Diamond Quality Comparison

To a large degree, the quality of your diamond depends on your budget.
Do you want to go for the best quality stone and reduce the size, or go for size and reduce quality?

Going for size:

Good Colour G-H, Good Clarity Si1-Si2, Good Cut VG-EX.
You can get the biggest stones with this budget.

Going for better quality:

Very Good Colour F-G, Very Good Clarity Vs2-Si1, Very
Very Good - Excellent cut. With this option, the quality is
High and the size is slightly less.
Going for Top quality: Excellent or Top quality diamond.
D-E Colour, V VS1- VS1, Excellent Cut

We usually advise our customers to choose a colour of G or above and
Clarity of Si2 or above, so you are sure to get a beautiful stone at the best possible price. We always recommend an excellent cut.

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Ring Size Chart

How to determine your ring size?
-  measure current ring that fits properly on the intended finger
      -  using a ruler, measure to the nearest mm of the inside diameter 

14.1 3 44
14.3 F 1/2 45
14.5 3 1/2
14.7 G 1/2 46
14.9 H 4 47
15.1 H 1/2
15.3 4 1/2 48
15.5 I 1/2
15.7 5 59
15.9 J 1/2 50
16.1 K 5 1/2
16.3 K 1/2 51
16.5 6 52
16.7 L 1/2
16.9 M 6 1/2 53
17.1 M 1/2
17.3 N 7 54
17.5 N 1/2 55
17.7 O 7 1/2
17.9 O 1/2 56
18.1 P 8 57
18.3 P 1/2
18.5 Q 8 1/2 58
18.7 Q 1/2
18.9 R 9 59
19.1 R 1/2 60
19.3 S 9 1/2 61
19.5 S 1/2
19.7 T 10 62
19.9 T 1/2 63
20.1 U 10 1/2
20.3 U 1/2 64
20.5 V 11 65
20.7 V 1/2
20.9 W 11 1/2 66
21.1 W 1/2
21.3 X 12 67
21.5 X 1/2
21.7 Y 12 1/2 68
21.9 Y 1/2 69
22.1 Z 13 70