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We don't simply aim to satisfy.

We aim to impress.

Daniella has created beautiful jewellery for clients around the world. We aim to impress our clients by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

As a destination of choice for diamonds, diamond engagement rings and fine jewellery, it is our passion for quality, service and exclusive designs that define the Daniella experience. Our qualified jewellers are always happy to answer your questions and help make your selection and purchasing experience exceptional. We invite you to visit us at the Daniella showroom in The Dymocks Building in Sydney, Australia.

We are delighted to have shared with our valued clients in creating their special moments.

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Our clients share their experience


Kirsten and Stuart share their experience:

After months searching for a unique, honest jeweller to design our wedding rings we found Bobby and Daniella. From the minute we walked into their shop in Chatswood, they gave us their undivided attention, and we were made to feel very special.

Bobby designed our wedding bands, and they are absolutely beautiful, the end product far exceeded our expectations. Bobby also designed my wedding gift, which my husband arranged as a surprise. A gorgeous diamond necklace, so unique and absolutely stunning. To this day I still have people admiring and commenting on my rings and necklace designed by Bobby. We feel confident in recommending them and their designs and completely trust both Bobby and Daniella to do an amazing job on any piece of jewellery we want to be designed. They are both very special people who take such pride and pleasure in ensuring you receive nothing but the best. We wouldn't think of going anywhere else and look forward to doing more business with them in the future when we return to Australia.

Thank you, Bobby and Daniella, for all you have done for us.

Kirsten and Stuart


George and Josephine share their experience:

After having my engagement ring stolen I was confronted with the daunting issue of having to go through the whole process of diamond ring shopping again. However, upon meeting Daniella and Bobby I knew right away that I was at the right place and in good hands. I now have the most beautiful diamond ring and feel so blessed to have met such nice jewellers. Highly recommended to all our friends.


Jemma and Will share their experience:

We have been married almost one year and still receive compliments on our wedding bands and the diamond necklace I received as a wedding gift. Our jewellery is more than what we hoped for, and the experience of working with such enthusiastic, genuine people made the whole experience one remember.

I am already looking forward to our next purchase, hopefully, an anniversary gift!

Daniella is our jeweller of choice. We cannot recommend their service and products more highly.


Adrian Shep shares his experience:

September 2007

From the moment I entered through the doors of Daniella, Bobby and Danielle, owners of this jewellery store, made me feel as though I was an old friend. That day I’d scoured Chatswood from the Mall to the Chase searching for a jeweller that would take on my job of making good a badly botched ring repair. The funny thing is, I almost missed Daniella’s…

More than ten years ago, before we were married, my wife gave me a beautifully engraved onyx signet ring of 14-carat gold. I consider the ring irreplaceable, not the least, for sentimental reasons alone. Well, the band which had been resized for me, cracked recently. And so I approached a local jeweller to handle the repair. “A simple job”, he said, “ready in a week”.

Several months later, the repair had proven anything but quick or simple, and cost me much more than double the original quotation. The second-rate repair resulted in two joints with bands of visibly different coloured metals. Worst of all, only a couple of months later, the band broke again and the second joint cracked too. It was a bitter experience.

Unwilling to return and risk permanent damage to the ring or stone, I searched for a professional, trustworthy jeweller in Chatswood close to my workplace. Bobby and Danielle’s warm friendliness was attractive from the moment we met, as was their professionalism and technical expertise. They explained to me how they place the utmost importance on customer relationship and experience, but I could already see what they were talking about, it showed from the start.

Bobby understood my sentimental attachment to my ring and reassured me of his care and attention. We had discussed pros and cons of different repair options before I settled on the best solution—simply fit an entirely new band (a half shank). We agreed on a very reasonable price, and I left feeling that I’d met new friends.

Only a few days later, while in Chatswood for a meeting, Bobby called. My ring was already finished! When I saw it, I couldn’t wipe the silly grin off my face; the final result was beyond my expectations. The new thicker band perfectly matches the ring and should last for decades to come. Even now, as I examine my ring again, even under bright light, it is as though the ring was brand new. Absolutely wonderful!

Bobby, Danielle, throughout you’ve treated me more like a close family friend than a customer. Of course, after an experience like this, I want my family and friends to know that there are still people in the world that live the ideal—doing good deeds for others. I’ve made new friends and found a jeweller that I trust. My family and I’ll be back, again and again, and again. Bobby, Danielle, you guys are absolutely awesome. Thank you.

Adrian Schep

(Pastor) Minister of Religion


Stuart shares his experience:

I always knew that my Fiancée would want something simple, elegant, yet unique. After much searching in London, I struggled to find someone I trusted to create our engagement ring. I was looking for someone with passion and workmanship and a sense of customer care. Eventually, someone suggested we visit Daniella while in Australia to celebrate our engagement with our families.

Bobby and Danielle were perfect. They not only helped us create something absolutely stunning, but provided us with a truly amazing experience that will always be etched in our memories.

Bobby and Danielle were so genuine, honestly caring about what we wanted and what was best for us. Specialising in custom design jewellery, they were able to take our vision and rapidly turn it into reality. Their skills and approach gave us confidence that they could achieve a quality outcome in the 12 days we had in Australia before returning to London.

We started with some initial ideas that I had sketched on paper which Danielle transformed into a digital view on the computer. Once on the computer, we were able to discuss the pros and cons of particular design decisions while gaining a visual appreciation of the impact on the look of the ring.

Bobby then created a plastic model of the design which gave us the opportunity to make final changes to the design before working with costly metals. Once we provided the go-ahead based on a plastic model that incorporated all our changes, Bobby created the real thing.

Daniella helped us achieve the impossible! A stunning ring that exceeded all expectations, created from scratch in the shortest of timeframes. Thank you so much for a truly memorable ring and experience!


Louis and Carla share their experience:

Thank you so much for the magnificent craftsmanship in remodelling my engagement ring.

As you know, I was sentimental about my engagement ring but wanted the beautiful diamond taken out of its rubbed in the setting of a gold cup so that it would sparkle more in a claw setting. The way you have displayed its beauty in this new design with a halo surround is simply magnificent. I love it and love looking at it. You did an expertly crafted magic design which is simply beautiful.

And the family ring which Louis wore and asked you to make a copy of for me is also truly beautiful. A great replication. Your eye for detail and creativity is perfect. I proudly wear both rings with much happiness.

We are so glad that we found you to be our jewellery designers. Your work is magnificent. Thank you so much.

I must also tell you that you are both very warm and genuine people that are a pleasure to spend time with. We wish you best wishes for the future and will contact you again for any other jewellery needs.

Warm wishes

Louis and Carla Tardini


Angeline and Geoff share their experience:

Thank you very much for all your help and advice to Geoff and your superb professionalism and service. We would very much like to include the following testimonial on your website (could you please post the following testimonial for us):

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work and effort that went into my ring. The fact that it travelled all the way from Sydney to NYC to London is really something! The ring exceeded my expectations, and it was exactly how I imagined my engagement ring would be. I have worn it for a week now and have had many compliments on it.


Debra and Gareth share their experience:

On becoming engaged we searched high and low in many, many jewellers' shops looking for the "right" diamond ring. Finding Daniella's felt like an oasis in a confusing and complicated marketplace. The experience was positive and enjoyable! Big smiles and trustworthy, straightforward personalities were just the beginning.

Bobby and Danielle are the perfect team of professional jewellers; they have abundant talent, a wonderfully creative and technical ability together with outstanding customer service.

Bobby and Danielle worked with us to create the exact pieces we were looking for and nothing was too hard or beyond their capabilities.

What was really special to us was that the very things that represent our love and commitment to each other - our engagement ring have indeed been made with love and commitment.

We highly recommend Daniella's to anyone wanting a beautiful piece of jewellery and a great customer experience to go with it. They contributed so much to making our union so beautiful, special and unique and we look forward to using them again in the future.

Gareth and Debra Sutton '07

Tanya and Greg share their experience:

We got married in November of 2006 and sealed our commitment with a stunning lace diamond ring from Daniella, our wedding guests were immediately enamoured with the ring and the only thing better than its brilliant appearance and its quality craftsmanship was telling our friends and family the story of how our ring came into being.

We had been struggling to find a ring for some time, we had initially purchased my engagement ring from another jeweller and after a year of wear the gold had chipped away and when the jeweller went to fix the ring it cracked completely - this was from a very upmarket jeweller in the Sydney CBD.

After a long search through jewellery stores where we found the little help and little inspiration, we finally saw an advert in a bridal magazine for Daniella and decided to take the trip to Chatswood to check it out.

When we got there we realised immediately that this was very different to any other jewellery store that we had ever been to, firstly the jeweller and the designer were present in front of us rather than some salesperson with sales knowledge rather than knowledge of jewellery.

Their first step was to welcome us and ask us about what we wanted and where we were at, the consultation was excellent it was clear from the beginning that they weren't interested in selling us a wedding ring they wanted to bring into creation 'our' diamond ring something that would be special and unique to us.

We told them our ideas and they promised a wax model of the ring that I had imagined within 2 weeks, three days later Bobby called to tell us the wax model was ready, we went in and it was so well crafted and exact to detail, I decided to go ahead with the ring, they had provided us with so much information and service that I went from a lukewarm jewellery buyer to someone who was very excited.

When our initial ring was completed we went to try it on and I was uncertain about it, there was something that was bothering me, and when Daniella the designer was helping me I noticed a brilliant lace ring on her finger and commented that I loved her ring, without even thinking they offered to make me the lace ring in my size, as well as my original design and I, could choose which one I wanted, this was 3 weeks before the wedding and true to their word both rings were made and presented only a few days later and I fell in love with the lace ring and no fuss was made about the change or the other ring they had to make.

Both Bobby and Daniella were there for us every step of the way willing to answer our questions, make changes and give us advice. Beyond that, I don't think of them as just jewellers but as artists and true craftsman with a focus on quality and service.

I don't plan to ever step into another jewellery store to buy things in the future, I will always return to Daniella, the trust that I have built them is worth much more that discounts or sales, because I know that anything I buy from them will last a lifetime and is of the highest quality and I realised having cheap low-quality jewellery is just not the same as having the real thing, however, our investigation of the market showed us that we simply could not have bought the same ring for a cheaper price anywhere.
Our experience with them has been more than fantastic and I could not recommend them enough.


Annie Buegge-Momsen shares her experience:

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to both of you for doing such an amazing job on my channel set, princess-cut diamond ring. My husband and I were so impressed by your professionalism and beautiful workmanship. Since having the ring made, back in September last year, I have had numerous compliments from people, and if I need any jewellery made in the future, I have no hesitation in coming back to see you both.

Another thing that has made you stand out from the myriad of other jewellers out there, is the fact that you really are a "before and after jeweller". Your service both before and after my ring was finished has been absolutely wonderful. Each time I've come in to visit you both to get my ring cleaned you have been so helpful, friendly and professional, I have the greatest confidence in Daniella Fine Jewellery, I will be coming back again and again in the future for all my jewellery needs.

I look forward to seeing you both in the future.

Annie Buegge-Momsen
Marketing Assistant



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Ring Size Chart

How to determine your ring size?
-  measure current ring that fits properly on the intended finger
      -  using a ruler, measure to the nearest mm of the inside diameter 

14.1 3 44
14.3 F 1/2 45
14.5 3 1/2
14.7 G 1/2 46
14.9 H 4 47
15.1 H 1/2
15.3 4 1/2 48
15.5 I 1/2
15.7 5 59
15.9 J 1/2 50
16.1 K 5 1/2
16.3 K 1/2 51
16.5 6 52
16.7 L 1/2
16.9 M 6 1/2 53
17.1 M 1/2
17.3 N 7 54
17.5 N 1/2 55
17.7 O 7 1/2
17.9 O 1/2 56
18.1 P 8 57
18.3 P 1/2
18.5 Q 8 1/2 58
18.7 Q 1/2
18.9 R 9 59
19.1 R 1/2 60
19.3 S 9 1/2 61
19.5 S 1/2
19.7 T 10 62
19.9 T 1/2 63
20.1 U 10 1/2
20.3 U 1/2 64
20.5 V 11 65
20.7 V 1/2
20.9 W 11 1/2 66
21.1 W 1/2
21.3 X 12 67
21.5 X 1/2
21.7 Y 12 1/2 68
21.9 Y 1/2 69
22.1 Z 13 70