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Engagement Rings

diamond engagement ring

When buying something as rare and exquisite as diamond engagement rings, you would want to ensure that the sparkle, the brilliance, the value, the quality are all genuine and as special as your relationship. 




Slight differences in colour, clarity, and cut mean the world of difference in a diamond's value and price, which is why you would want to deal with someone who is highly skilled and experienced when purchasing your diamond. At Daniella, you can expect to enjoy the unique personalised service of our highly experienced jewellers, not a sales assistant, who aims to ensure you are making an informed decision. We will take the time to explain every detail and allow you to examine the diamond for yourself with a microscope or loupe, before forming your decision. The price of your diamond engagement ring is entirely up to you. It all depends on your choice of the style of the ring and the size and quality of the diamond.

Daniella offers a full level of service and would be pleased to assist you through your journey in buying your perfect engagement ring. We understand that buying an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions in your life, and believe that it should be a special and enjoyable experience.

Finding your perfect diamond

Buying a diamond can be a new and overwhelming experience. A good understanding of the characteristics diamonds is necessary to ensure that you make an informed decision. There are some factors to consider when selecting the right diamond for you, including the shape, cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. Some of these factors depend on personal preference while others affect the quality and value of the diamond. It is also important to consider the certification of a diamond. All purchases of certified diamonds from Daniella comes with a complimentary certificate from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most respected in the industry.

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Custom design

Specialising in the custom design and engagement rings, we can assist you in creating a unique engagement ring tailored to your taste and budget. We have helped clients around the world with designing and crafting beautiful custom jewellery for their special someone.

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Premium Level of Service

We believe in taking care of our clients beyond the initial purchase. When you buy diamond engagement rings from Daniella, you will enjoy extensive after sales service. Also, to re-sizing your ring, we also offer complimentary cleaning and inspection during your diamond engagement ring’s entire lifetime. For eternity ring purchases, we will replace any stones that become missing at no charge.

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Wedding Band Offer

With any purchase of a diamond engagement ring from the Daniella wedding line or a custom designed diamond engagement ring, you will be presented with an AU$250 gift certificate towards a coordinated wedding band.

We invite you to learn about The Daniella Promise and join our valued customers in sharing The Daniella Experience.

We welcome you to contact us for a quote based on your specifications and come in to visit us for an obligation free consultation. After all, this is the diamond ring that is a symbol of your eternal love, and something that will be worn for a lifetime.

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Ring Size Chart

How to determine your ring size?
-  measure current ring that fits properly on the intended finger
      -  using a ruler, measure to the nearest mm of the inside diameter 

14.1 3 44
14.3 F 1/2 45
14.5 3 1/2
14.7 G 1/2 46
14.9 H 4 47
15.1 H 1/2
15.3 4 1/2 48
15.5 I 1/2
15.7 5 59
15.9 J 1/2 50
16.1 K 5 1/2
16.3 K 1/2 51
16.5 6 52
16.7 L 1/2
16.9 M 6 1/2 53
17.1 M 1/2
17.3 N 7 54
17.5 N 1/2 55
17.7 O 7 1/2
17.9 O 1/2 56
18.1 P 8 57
18.3 P 1/2
18.5 Q 8 1/2 58
18.7 Q 1/2
18.9 R 9 59
19.1 R 1/2 60
19.3 S 9 1/2 61
19.5 S 1/2
19.7 T 10 62
19.9 T 1/2 63
20.1 U 10 1/2
20.3 U 1/2 64
20.5 V 11 65
20.7 V 1/2
20.9 W 11 1/2 66
21.1 W 1/2
21.3 X 12 67
21.5 X 1/2
21.7 Y 12 1/2 68
21.9 Y 1/2 69
22.1 Z 13 70